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    Original work is the beating heart of LIFT, enabling international and local artists to explore new ideas and realise their ambitions, making LIFT open, unique, authentic and able to respond to the themes and questions of the day.

    Our Commissioning Circle is key to this ambition and is made up of people who share our imagination and our desire to look at things differently. We’d be thrilled to welcome you to join us in throwing open a window to the world through performance.


    13th January 2016


    13th January 2016


    13th January 2016

    All donations and Commissioning Circle levels are eligible for LIFT to claim an additional 25% from HMRC through the Gift Aid scheme, making your donation go further.

    The annual donation amounts above are minimum suggestions; if you feel able to contribute more please do consider the increased impact you can make on LIFT’s commissioning potential. Gifts can be payable monthly, quarterly or annually.

    For further information or to purchase benefits separately please contact Francis Christeller francis@liftfestival.com or call 020 7968 6800.