The Dark Side of Love opens tonight

by Jonathan May on June 26, 2012

The Dark Side of Love opens tonight at the Roundhouse for LIFT 2012.  Taking inspiration from stories of tragic love in Shakespeare, this exciting new commission fuses text from the bard with stunning digital projections and the beating heart of Brazilian passion to create an emotionally raw and visually compelling show, set deep in the underground space underneath the Roundhouse. 

For the past year Brizilian performer and theatre-maker Renato Rocha, famed for his work with the child cast of landmark Brizilian movie City of God, has worked with a cast of young Londoners and digital artists to stage an exploration of Shakepeares most painful love stories.  In his interview with The Guardian, Rocha describes why he feels Shakespeare is still so relevant:

Shakespeare looked deep within the soul of man and discovered the many facets of being human. He talked about nature, religion, science, astronomy, the supernatural. He released into the air powerful words that floated into space and which crash-land into the audience's imagination.



The Dark Side of Love promises to be a feast for your senses, taking you on a journey into the heart of tragic young love.

You can buy your tickets here...