Gatz Press Night

by Jonathan May on June 14, 2012

Gatz had its opening night to the press last night, as the cast gave an astonoshing performance to an audience enthralled.

The masses were out, twitter was a-blaze and a few famous faces joined us as the company wowed audeinces yet again with every single word from F. Scott Fitzgerald's masterpeice The Great Gatsby

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Amongst a busy and buzzing audience were some famous faces such as Gary Oldman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Juliet Stephenson...who will be performing for LIFT 2012 in White Rabbit, Red Rabbit.

Benedict described his experience of Gatz in the Evening Standard saying it was an utterly unique experience to hear Scott Fitzgerald’s faultless prose brought to life this way. It’s funny, deeply moving and massively impressive.










the glory of this show, created and performed by New York's Elevator Repair Service, is that it is no cut-and-paste job but a complete rendering of Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

What is extraordinary about the company's approach is their ability to evoke, through the simplest means, the book's memorable scenes

A great American classic has been captured with total, transfixing fidelity by this dedicated ensemble.

**** The Guardian

...the most extraordinary stage show in London at the moment – or, just maybe, ever.
The Guardian In Praise of Scott Shepherd










I dare venture that Coward would have been mighty taken with this jaunty, jazzily experimental marathon, much lauded since it trialled seven years ago. The company comes to excavate The Great Gatsby not to bury it in pretension. Their version has considerable wit, a consequence of Fitzgerald's epigrammatic style and the constantly inventive input of director John Collins and his cast. It glories in the power of theatre, as Coward did. And it also seems custom-built to withstand - and win over - the coolest English scepticism.

This remarkable event more than repays the bum-numbing commitment.

**** Daily Telegraph

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Images by Tim Mitchell