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    LIFT Top Picks 20/10/2017

    20 October, 2017

    Toppicks 20/10/17

    It’s the end of another work week and here’s a few highlights from our Insta feed…

    Cameron's first month as LIFT Placement.

    16 October, 2017


    Development and Events Placement Cameron writes about his first month at LIFT.


    LIFT Playlist Four

    6 October, 2017


    This month’s playlist features a number of events recommended by the LIFT team, so if you’re in need of some dates for your diary, continue reading!

    Melanie Phillips at the Homo Novus Festival (part 2)

    22 September, 2017


    In her second guest post, former LIFT Placement Melanie shares how her time at the Homo Novus Festival is likely to impact her future practice.

    LIFT Top Picks 15/09/2017

    15 September, 2017

    Top Pick 15/09/2017

    Return of the Picks! Our new Marketing and Digital Coordinator Maya has been scrolling through our Insta feed and has chosen a few of her favourites.

    Melanie Phillips at the Homo Novus Festival (Part 1)

    13 September, 2017

    Remote Riga

    In this first guest post, former LIFT Placement Melanie speaks about her time at the Nomadic School as part of the Homo Novus Festival in Riga, Latvia.

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