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    The Season 2018

    28 March, 2017


    The Creative and Cultural community will be united from 1 June until 1 December 2018 to celebrate the environment and inspire action on climate change. Why don’t you join us? Everyone is welcome to participate in this ever growing initiative -­ individuals as well as organisations, large and small-­scale, local and national, commercial to community, the most important thing is that we speak out.

    Joshua Sofaer - Craft

    24 March, 2017


    Joshua Sofaer, our artist in residence in Sri Lanka, is on the last stage of his residency. This time next week he will already be in London, taking the Piccadilly line from Heathrow, while the waves will still be lapping the sands of Hikkaduwa. On his post, Joshua talks about masks, a huge Srilankan industry, about whale watching, a huge tourist attraction, and about co-creating with his fellows residents at Sura Medura.


    22 March, 2017


    If you’re looking for something fun to do on Saturday 25 March, we’ve got the perfect plan for you with this digital, geo-located game created by the Tottenham UpLIFTers and local artist, Imwen Eke.

    LIFT Top Picks 17/03/2017

    17 March, 2017



    At LIFT we love scrolling through our social media because we are always finding interesting stuff accompanied by beautiful images. These are the pictures that Rubi, our Digital & Communications Placement handpicked to share with you on this week’s LIFT Top Picks.

    Trojan Women - from Seoul to London

    16 March, 2017


    National Theatre of Korea's Trojan Women

    LIFT and Brighton Festival will collaborate to bring a piece of world-class Korean music theatre to English audiences in May and June 2018

    Lift Top Picks 10/03/2017

    10 March, 2017


    The LIFT Top Picks are here to delight you again with beautiful images, we had a great week so we thought we’d share our positive vibes through these 4 images. Hope you enjoy them!

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