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    LIFT Top Picks 15/09/2017

    15 September, 2017

    Top Pick 15/09/2017

    Return of the Picks! Our new Marketing and Digital Coordinator Maya has been scrolling through our Insta feed and has chosen a few of her favourites.

    Melanie Phillips at the Homo Novus Festival (Part 1)

    13 September, 2017

    Remote Riga

    In this first guest post, former LIFT Placement Melanie speaks about her time at the Nomadic School as part of the Homo Novus Festival in Riga, Latvia.

    WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Melanie Phillips

    11 September, 2017


    Former LIFT Placement Melanie was selected to be part of the Nomadic School Project as part of Homos Novus Festival in Riga.

    Visas, divas & hotel rooms producer training course

    15 August, 2017


    Applications are now open for our fully subsidised place available to Tottenham residents as part of our LIFT Tottenham programme, deadline 5pm on Monday 11 September.

    LIFT Top Picks 11/08/2017

    11 August, 2017


    Getting well jel of all the holiday snaps cropping up on Insta? Well this week’s LIFT Top Picks probably won’t help as we’ve gathered a few of our favourite travel images from this week’s feed.

    Who is Malakaï Sargeant?

    11 August, 2017


    Malakaï is the Chair of LIFT’s Tottenham Board and Co-Executive Director/Founder of S+K Projects. In this short Q&A we find out more about Malakaï and his work, his life in Tottenham, his views on the changes taking place in the area, his Tottenham tips and his plans for the future.

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