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  • LIFT artists 2021

    Sonia is currently an associate artist to Festspillene i Nord-Norge in Harstad. Previously she collaborated with Quarantine as writer, performer, co-creator including their award-winning Susan & Darren and Wallflower. She also wrote Jeremy Deller’s MIF17 opening event, What is the City, but the People? She has been doing this art shbizzle for over 20 years only now becoming an artist in her own right. 

    What do we want?!… Is a poster exhibition of people’s desires for a proximate Utopia, made for the Great Exhibition of the North with Lisa Mattocks. Jo Fong and Sonia have devised Neither Here Nor There, it delves into the heart of people’s everyday life, where they live, what makes them cross, what can they do and in the end what really matters. Essentially a series of questions and conversations between the audience. During the pandemic, it has incarnations as a live writing and filmed conversations. 

    These two works and IAFR mark out new territories Sonia is interested in – addressing the complexity of big ideas but close up with audience key to the action. 

    ‘I want to make work with a disarmingly simple premise, which throws light on the intricacies of both our everyday lives and global affairs. 

    LIFT is co-producing Sonia’s I Am From Reykjavik as part of LIFT 2021 series LIFT LOVES LONDON.