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  • LIFT artists 2021

    Dr. Njoki Ngumi is an artist, writer and feminist thinker who has held positions in private and public health care sectors in Kenya. As a Nest founding member, she has been co-writer, screenwriter and script supervisor for several of the Nest’s film works, and is currently expanding her filmmaking practice as  co-director of The Feminine and The Foreign. Her keen eyes and ears are a critical component of the  collective’s post-production process, as well as its strategic, resource mobilising and research outputs. In addition, she coordinates the Nest’s external collaborative projects, and serves as programs and strategy lead at sister-company HEVA. 

    Twitter @njokingumi 

    Instagram – @njokingumi  

    Njoki Ngumi is participating in Plans For The Future, a conversation series about the future of culture around the world.